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Academy for Disciplined Forces

​     Education and Training
The Academy for Disciplined Forces is an autonomous education institution set up to carry out training and professional development of members of the disciplined forces in Malta: Armed Forces of Malta, Civil Protection Department, Corradino Correctional Facility and Malta Police Force.
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The Academy for Disciplined Forces is a pro-active organisation, offering career development programmes of a high quality and customised education and training programmes in the context of an evolving society. The Academy continually consults with the Disciplined Forces as its main stakeholders, and coordinates with international partners in the field of security, education, knowledge and research.
The Disciplined Forces have the vital task of protecting society and maintaining legal and national order. In a complex society that is changing rapidly, this task is in constant development. Security, safety, enforcement and protection work is labour intensive and demanding, requiring ongoing professionalisation to plan ahead for the demands of local and international scenarios.
The Academy designs its programmes based on these important pillars:
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The Academy ensures the Disciplined Forces can attract and employ the best candidates and gives these people the opportunity to continuously develop themselves. Through training the Academy promotes a combination of skills, expertise, professional behaviour and attitudes.
On the basis of the regulations and laws governing the Disciplined Forces, the Academy assists in the recruitment of candidates applying for jobs with the forces and provides recruits with induction training. The Academy also provides comprehensive training to serve the highly specialised skills required on the job and for continuous professional development.
     International Networks
The Disciplined Forces in Malta form part of international networks that enrich the skills and knowledge frameworks in the Academy’s education and training programmes.
The work of the Disciplined Forces is intertwined with events in the international environment, in Europe and beyond. The Academy for Disciplined Forces gives internationalisation a recognisable and prominent position in the educational and knowledge services that it offers. Cross-border operations for the army, police and civil protection are examples of subjects which are added to the curriculum of the Academy.
     Trainee and Staff Resources
The Academy for Disciplined Forces provides students, educators and administration staff with technological platforms that enable online access to recruitment applications, email, calendars, cloud storage, online learning environments, student records, administrative information and full access to international online libraries.
     Governance and Regulation
The Academy aligns its programmes with national objectives set by government and reports on the results attained. The Academy practices a policy of autonomy with full accountability for its actions and operations, in line with its organisational governance and regulations.
Funding of the Academy is derived from the Minister for Home Affairs and Security within the Government of Malta. Funds are made available for the Academy to can carry out its core duties in line with national priorities.

Contact Information:

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Academy for Disciplined Forces
Mqabba Road
Siggiewi SGW 2606
+356 2122 4001