Security Screening
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Security Screening

All passengers leaving Malta by air are required to go through security controls.

Apart from the ban on prohibited articles which cannot be carried in hand baggage mentioned in the Prohibited Articles​ section of this web site, passengers also need to be particularly aware of the following requirements when going through security:

Liquids – 100ml rule

At present only limited amounts of liquids can be carried through airport security screening. These restrictions also apply to bottled drinks, fruit juices in cartons, suntan lotion, fragrances, cosmetics and toiletries.

There are restrictions in place which apply to all liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols taken through security control:
•    These may only be carried in containers of not more than 100ml;
•    Placed in a single 1-litre bag which is transparent and re-sealable;
•    The bag must be able to close properly with all the items inside;
•    Each passenger is allowed to carry one such bag when going through security.

The transparent bag is to be removed from the hand luggage and placed in a tray when going through security.

Liquids in containers over 100ml will not be allowed through security and should therefore be packed inside the hold baggage.

Exemptions to the 100ml rule

Duty free liquids purchased from any airport within the European Union or any EU air carrier can be screened as hand luggage if these are sealed inside an unopened Security Temper-Evident Bag (STEB) together with the appropriate receipt. The items inside the STEB may be rescreened by security personnel as required.

Baby food or baby milk can be carried in containers of more than 100ml when a passenger is travelling with a baby or infant. These materials will be subject to screening.

Liquid medicines required for the duration of the trip can be carried through security. Where possible, medication should be accompanied by documentary proof of authenticity, such as a prescription or letter from a doctor. Liquid medicines carried through security will be subject to screening.

Large electronic equipment

Large electronic equipment such as notebook pcs, netbooks, tablet pcs and large cameras are allowed through security, but these are to be removed from hand luggage to be screened separately.