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Aviation Security Malta
Malta International Airport
Luqa LQA 4000
2369 6672/3
2180 2979


As the public authority with regulatory and enforcement responsibilities for security matters in the field of aviation, AVSEC Malta oversees the aviation security training given by and to aviation stakeholders. It also delivers a number of specific courses at regular intervals as detailed below:

Aviation Security Managers’ Course

The role of the Security Manager within the aviation environment is essential in ensuring continuous compliance with aviation security requirements.
This mandatory training is aimed at persons having direct managerial responsibilities of persons employed to carry out aviation security duties at airports, airlines, handling agents, in-flight suppliers, regulated agents, known consignors, known suppliers or any other entity which is tasked with aviation security duties.
This course is designed to provide participants with specific knowledge to enable them to implement the requirements of the National Civil Aviation Security Programme effectively. The course includes the following modules:
     Knowledge of the relevant legal requirements and how they should be met;
     Knowledge of internal, national, Community and international quality control;
     Ability to motivate others;
     Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of security equipment or screening methods used.


Aviation Security Instructors’ Course

This course is aimed at persons who will be delivering aviation security training and is designed to provide participants with access to the information needed to design and deliver effective training. Successful completion of the course qualifies participants to instruct staff in aviation security.
Note that this course does not deliver any training in trainer skills and therefore it is essential that participants have relevant teaching / presentation skills or at least complete a train the trainer course before being nominated to attend this course.
In accordance with the requirements of the National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme, persons applying for this course shall have:
     A minimum of three years’ experience in the relevant aviation security field; or
    qualifications in the relevant aviation security field.
Both experience and qualifications are to be supported by documentation.