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Volunteers Section

Volunteer Force 

The volunteers within the department have an important role. The first enrolment has been made back in 2007 when amongst 200 applicants, 75 were chosen to form the first volunteer force of the Civil Protection Department. The volunteers  compliment the Civil Protection Department .. Volunteers undergo fire fighting and rescue courses like the professional staff of the Department. Upon successfully completion of the course, they are awarded with a certificate; which enables them to be operative with the Assistance and Rescue Force members on emergencies. 
Volunteers are also stationed at different sections, once they take the volunteers oath


Fire Station Volunteers

Fire Engine
Volunteers in a fire station are a surplus to the normal duty personnel. They check the appliances and apparatus like all other permanent staff.  These volunteers are also called on stand by when there is a large emergency or a large mass gathering event. 





Diving Volunteers

Diving Volunteers
Diving volunteers meet at the Marine Unit. They do regular training with the permanent staff divers of the department normally once a week. These volunteers are also called to assist in cases of missing persons at sea.

K9 Volunteers

K9 Volunteers

Volunteers in the K9 section work along with the professional personnel in search and rescue for missing persons and persons lost under debris. 

U.S.A.R Volunteers


Specialised Personnel In Disaster And Emergency Response (S.P.I.D.E.R.) consists of a group of dedicated professionals, volunteers, all trained in Urban Search and Rescue (U.S.A.R).
S.P.I.D.E.R. volunteers hail from all walks of life: managers, businessmen, nurses, ICT specialists, fire investigators, U.S.A.R Volunteers

heavy machine operators, caterers, technicians, bankers, and this rich mix makes a formidable team prepared to offer specialised assistance in an emergency. The team includes specialists and instructors in USAR, Rope Access (rescue from heights), Fire-Fighting, Logistics, Scuba Rescue Diving, Life-Saving, First-Aid, Camping and Survival.
Regular weekly training is based on international United Nations (UN) standards regulated in the International Search and Rescue Guidelines (INSARAG). The team has Medium Urban Search and Rescue (MUSAR) capacity.
The S.P.I.D.E.R. unit forms part of the Civil Protection Department (C.P.D) – Malta and operates in close collaboration with the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (T.H.W) and also forms part of the E.U-U.S.A.R team, rendering assistance in natural or man-made disasters inside or outside of the European Union (E.U).