Malta Critical Infrastructure Protection Directorate
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Malta Critical Infrastructure Protection Directorate

In accordance with Article 3 of Legal Notice 434 of 2011 and Council Directive 2008/114/EC of 8 December 2008 the Government has established a Malta Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit within the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security.

The Malta CIP Unit is entrusted with a coordinating role of all Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency and Disaster Management issues on a national level.  In delivering its role the unit will coordinate amongst all stakeholders involved in the management of Critical Infrastructures (CI), Critical Information Infrastructures (CII), the Emergency & Security Services (Civil Protection, Police & AFM), Emergency Health Services, other organizations involved in national Emergency and Disaster Management, and the Government Contingency Centre, incorporating owners, operators, entities, departments and other bodies as may be directed. 

A fundamental role of the Malta CIP Unit is to direct and advise owners and operators of CI regarding the necessary internal systems to identify associated vulnerabilities, hazards and risks, and the planning for contingencies.  An equally fundamental role shall be to coordinate and support general emergency preparedness plans capable of responding to national emergencies involving the emergency services (i.e. Civil Protection Department, Police, AFM, Health and other related stakeholders as may be required by specific national emergencies). 

Another principal responsibility will be that of ensuring that the necessary risk assessments and the drawing up of the security (contingency) plans are carried out, maintained and exercised on an ongoing basis by their respective owners/operators.

The Malta CIP Unit will furthermore act as the CIP European contact point in Malta and will also report and coordinate related issues within Malta, with other European Member States, and with the European Commission.

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Mission Statement:
‘To strengthen and secure the functioning and resilience of Malta’s Critical Infrastructure and National Emergency Services’

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