Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis
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Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis

The Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (‘ARUC’) has been established by Chapter 628 of the laws of Malta enacted in 2021. The Authority is presently in the phase of establishing an effective and efficient system that ensures the responsible use of cannabis. This fundamental reorientation of policy is a joint national effort to move away from the punitive enforcement approach to improved health and social intervention.
The Authority, whilst remaining steadfast in the approach of discouraging and delaying cannabis use, will through responsible and legal regulation allow restricted access to cannabis use by aspiring to advance the goals of public health and safety.
ARUC is responsible for both the regulations of licenses necessary to own a non-profit organisation for cannabis as well as providing education on various levels. To ensure that all decisions taken are evidence-based, a baseline study on the general population is being conducted prior to licenses being issued.
The Authority will be creating a Harm and Risk Reduction policy based on the principles of public health by offering a pragmatic, yet compassionate, set of strategies designed to reduce the harmful consequences of cannabis use for both the members and the community they are part of. Research has often shown that a policy-orientated emphasis on making substance use less acceptable and substance less available, as well as the focus on drug prevalence as the domain indicator of program success, has probably outlived its usefulness.
Anyone seeking information on the law or the criteria for the application process for Non-Profit Organisations is encouraged to get in touch with ARUC on