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112mt Mobile Application


The 112mt mobile app offers an efficient means by which citizens interact and feel a sense of inclusivity in the community while enabling closer collaboration with the departments concerned. The 112mt mobile app provides the facility to request assistance or enables a citizen’s contribution to society. This goal is achieved through the following characteristics:
     Call or SMS the 112 Public Safety Answering Point (devised as a Panic button trigger)
     Localisation service once contact is established with the emergency services
     Reporting instances based on the following categories:
          Crime reporting complete with photo uploads
          Reporting lost items
     Contact details including the location of sites of Police, Fire stations, Army and Health Centres
     News based on the following features:
         Missing Persons
         General News
The below screenshots will guide you through the key functionality provided by the 112mt mobile application. The application can be downloaded onto your mobile device by accessing the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.




Localisation process completeLocalisation service screen112 Call Functionality112 SMS FunctionalityMainScreen without Localisation ServicesLanguage SelectionReport Screen
Submit InformationCrime ReportReport Lost ItemLocalisation Process 1Contact Main ScreenLocalisation process 2Contact Health
Contact CPDContact AFMContact PoliceMainScreen with Localisation ServicesCall, SMS and Non Verbal Assistance ScreenNoticesWanted and Missing People
Non Verbal AssistanceNon Verbal Assistance - CPDNon Verbal Assistance - HealthNon Verbal Assistance - AFMNon Verbal Assistance - PoliceMenu





 Contact Name 
Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement
201, Strait Street
Valletta VLT 1433
 2568 9000