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About EMN

In December 2001 the European Council called on the European Commission to develop a system for exchanging information on all aspects of migration, which was to contribute to the establishment of a European asylum and immigration policy. In response, the Commission set up a network of national contact points as a Preparatory Action spanning the period 2004-2006. On the 10th August 2007 a proposal was submitted by the Commission for a Council Decision establishing a European Migration Network in order to enable the EMN to work in the long term on a secure legal and financial basis after the end of the preparatory phase.
Council Decision 2008/381/EC came into force with effect from the 14th May 2008. The main focus of the new legal instrument is to regulate participation on the EMN by all EU member states, thereby making participation mandatory.
EMN Work

Over the past years the EMN has provided up-to-date, comparable and objective information on migration and asylum in the EU, contributing to policymaking and public debate.
During this time, the EMN has produced comparable, EU-level research on a wide range of topics across all aspects of migration and asylum policy, from labour migration, to integration, family reunification, international protection, trafficking in human beings and return.
On an annual basis, the EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum, has provided a summary and analysis of key migration policies and statistics at EU and national levels, identifying important trends and shifts in migration patterns year on year.
The EMN has also informed policymakers, over the last decade, by gathering valuable information on migration and asylum through the EMN ad hoc query system.
The EMN Asylum and Migration Glossary provides comparable translation of relevant terms in the majority of the official EU languages plus Norwegian, and has evolved over to include ‘new’ terms reflecting recent policy on migration and asylum issues.

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