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Research and Analysis

​Every year each NCP provides an annual report describing the migration and asylum situation in the Member State concerned, including developments in the policy field and statistical data.
Each National Contact Point also drafts comparative research studies following common specifications, covering specific migration and asylum-related issues. The results of each country will then be compiled into a synthesis report which is published by the Commission.

Published reports

1. The impact of immigration on 'MS' society.
2. Reception systems, their capacities and the social situation of asylum applicants within the reception system.
3. Illegal resident Third country national in ‘MS': state approaches towards the situation.
4. Migration and asylum in ‘MS': summary of legislation, case law and policy measures and directory of organizations, researchers and research.
5. Managed migration in the labour market - the health sector in the MS.
6. Return Migration.
7. Conditions of entry and residence of third-country high skilled workers.
8. Family Reunification.
9. The Organisation of Asylum and Migration Policies in the EU Member States.
10. The different national practices concerning granting of non-EU harmonised protection statuses.
11. Reception, Return and Integration Policies for, and numbers of, unaccompanied minors.
12. EU Programmes and Strategies fostering assisted return to and reintegration in third countries.
13. Satisfying Labour Demand through migration.
14. Temporary and Circular Migration: empirical evidence, current policy practice and future options.
15. Visa Policy as a Migration Channel.
16. Practical Measures for Reducing Irregular Migration.
17. Misuse of the right to Family Reunification.
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Studies produced by the EMN NCP Malta

Some of these reports may be found in the Related Documents column.

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