Security Aspects of the Schengen Acquis
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Security Aspects of the Schengen Acquis

​The Schengen acquis establishes Common Rules in relation to the management of the External Borders. The checks carried out on third country nationals at the external borders include verification that the person in question is not registered in the Schengen Information System (SIS), which is an IT information exchange system that connects the Police forces of the states participating in the system. In this regard it should be noted that the Schengen Information System (SIS) features, among other things [1], a list of third country nationals in respect of whom an alert has been issued by a State participating in the system, by reason of commission of a criminal or other offence and who therefore should not be admitted into the Schengen area.
The Schengen acquis also features common rules in relation to visa issuance. The visa requirement in respect of certain third country nationals is intended to enhance security by allowing a prior check on persons seeking to enter the Schengen area.
Whilst enhancing security the Schengen acquis also facilitates travel for third country nationals within the Schengen area by means of the Schengen Visa. A Schengen Visa issued by any Schengen state is valid for stays of a maximum of three months in a six-month period in all the Schengen area. Such visas are normally issued in diplomatic representations outside the Schengen area, therefore before the prospective holder enters and moves into the Schengen area. This measure ensures that high levels of security are maintained.
In case of a serious threat to public security Malta, like any other Schengen state, has the possibility of temporarily re-introducing internal border checks.

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[1] By way of information it should be noted that the Schengen Information System also features information on lost or stolen documents, stolen vehicles and other data.