Third Country Nationals Travelling to Malta
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Third Country Nationals Travelling to Malta

Third country nationals are required to fulfil the following conditions for entry into the Schengen area, including Malta: 

      Possession of a valid visa, if this is required. However, third country nationals who would normally require a visa to enter the Schengen area but who are in possession of a residence permit need not fulfil this requirement. 

      No alerts have been issued in their respect on the Schengen Information System (SIS); 

     They do not constitute a threat to public security, public policy, public health or to the international relations of any of the Schengen states.

Moreover, third Country nationals are also required to indicate the purpose of their stay and prove that they have sufficient means of subsistence for the length of their stay.

Third country nationals travelling from Malta to another Schengen state or vice-versa are not subject to any border checks. It would however still be necessary for third country nationals to be in possession of their Passport and other relevant documentation, such as the Schengen visa (whenever this is required), when travelling within the Schengen area.

Stays in the Schengen area exceeding three months are subject to the requirement to obtain a long-term visa or a residence permit from the state in which the third country national concerned intends to stay. Such long-term visas or residence permit are only valid for stay in the country of issuance [4].

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NOTE: This is not a legal document and is not intended to give legal advice, but only general information in relation to Malta and Schengen. 

[4] It is recommended that contact is made with the competent authorities of the Schengen State concerned when a stay for a period exceeding the duration of the Schengen visa is intended.