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Date: Jul 30, 2020
Advert on Government Gazette dated 30th July 2020 refers.


The Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement implements  national legislation and policy on migration and asylum.  The Ministry is issuing this expression of interest for an accommodation vessel which shall serve the purpose of an isolation and quarantine facility.


Accomodation Vessels shall have:
1.    A number of cabins to hold migrants for a specific period of time agreed with the contractual authorities;
2.    Segregation areas for different groups of migrants according to the advice of the competent authorities;
3.    Provide basic services including, but not limited to, food, cleaning and security services;
4.    Tracking of temperature and alert mechanism in case of medical emergencies;
5.    Provision of all basic necessities which include, but not limited to, toiletries, beddings and other sanitary facilities;
6.    Stock of  supplies  in point 3 and point 5 shall be on board and be sufficient to last a minimum of  two weeks;
7.    Support through the supply of provisions, garbage and waste collectors, crew changes and other services shall be the responsibility of the selected bidder;
8.    Adequate number of crew members which reflects the number of occupants at any given point in time;
9.    Vessel shall be available with immediate effect.


1.    The vessel shall be moored at a designated zone as instructed by the competent authorities;
2.    Bunkering and supplying of vessel must be performed without interrupting the quarantine and isolation arrangements;
3.    The crew, as well as other personnel who will be on board the vessel, must work with adequate Personal Protective Equipment at all times during the operation;
4.    Payment of all crew wages shall be covered by the owner of the vessel;
5.    All fuels, lube oils, other lubricants and all materials required for the operation to be paid by the owner of the vessel;
6.    The contractual authorities or any other third party commissioned by the contractual authority shall have the authority to inspect the vessel at any given point in time during the service period;
7.    The contractual authorities shall have sole discretion on persons boarded or disembarked from the vessel.

Period of Execution:

The period of execution shall be one month with possible extensions.

To Apply:

Interested economic operators are to submit their proposal, which should  also include the vessel registration number, the number of quarantine holding rooms available on the vessel, the number of segregated areas on the vessel and the charter rate per day, in a sealed envelope at the Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement at 201, Strait Street, Valletta, or by e-mail on, by not later than noon of Monday 3rd August 2020.