Sale 'Tale Quale' of Unused Government Vehichles assigned at the Civil Protection Department
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Sale 'Tale Quale' of Unused Government Vehichles assigned at the Civil Protection Department

Date: Feb 21, 2020
Sale ‘tale quale’ of Unused Government Vehicles assigned at the Civil Protection Department

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are cordially invited to submit a bid, for the sale ‘tale quale’of vehicles marked for scrap lying at various compounds within the Civil Protection Department.

Sealed bids, clearly marked as per above title, are to be deposited in the Tender Box situated at the Civil Protection Department, Ta’ Kandja, l/o Siggiewi, up till 10,00am (CET) of Friday, 06th March, 2020.

Bids received after the closing date and time will NOT be considered.

In this document, works importing one gender shall also include the other gender.

Emanuel Psaila
Civil Protection Department

Conditions for sale ‘tale quale’ of unused Government vehicles assigned at the Civil Protection Department

1.     Scope

This quotation calls for the sale ‘tale quale’ without any warranty, of vehicles located at Hal-Far Fire Station grounds, by authority of Article 4.3.4 (Disposal of unserviceable and surplus stock) of Treasury Cirular 6/2004 in terms of the General Financial Regulations (Cap.174.01). Public officers shall not be allowed to quote or to tender for the acquisition of any of the lots both in a direct or in an indirect manner.

2.    Lots

This contract is for the sale in  three lots as included in the attached financial offer, namely:

Lot 1    Sale of truck and water bowser“Tale Quale”
Lot 2     Sale of forklifter “Tale Quale”
Lot 3     Sale of vannette and van “Tale Quale”

3.    Tender Price

Bidders are to submit a lump price for any lot, detailed in Annex 1. The quoted price shall be inclusive of Value Added Tax and all other charges applicable. Tenders will not be accepted for incomplete quantities.

All taxes, fees and expenses, permits, etc, associated with the removal and transfer of the scrap shall be borne by the buyer.

Buyers of vehicles must be ERA licensed scrap yard dealers and will be required to issue the Civil Protection Department with the End of Life Certificate documents for each vehicle required by Transport Malta to officially scrap the vehicles.

4.    Inspection

An inspection meeting shall be convened at Hal-Far Fire Staion on  the 26th, 27th and 28th February, 2020  between 08.00 to 15.00hrs. Prospective bidders are to register their attendance to this meeting by sending an email on  by not later than 25th February, 2020.

5.    Interpretation or correction of bid documents

Bidders shall promptly notify the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security of any ambiguity in or discrepancy between any of the bid documents which they may discover upon examination of the bid documents.

Bidders requiring clarification or interpretation of the bid documents shall make a written request that shall reach the Director (Civil Protection) on email  at least four (4) working days prior to the date of receipt of bids. Any request after this date will not be taken into consideration.

Any interpretations, corrections or changes to the bid documents by the Civil Protection Department will be made by an official addendum.  Interpretations, corrections or changes made in any other manner will not be valid, and bidders shall not rely upon such interpretation, corrections and changes.
The Civil Protection department may, at its own discretion, as necessary, extend the deadline for submissions of bids to give bidders sufficient time to take clarification notes into account when preparing their bids.

6.    Bid preparation costs

Applicants shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the bid documents. The Civil Protection Department shall not reimburse any fee associated with the preparation of bid documents in the event that any or all offer/s is/are rejected.

7.    Submission of Bid

(a)    All bids must be submitted in one original containing the duly filled-in and signed Forms    A, B and C annexed to this document.

(b)    All bids must be received by the date and time indicated hereunder and deposited in the tender box at the Civil Protection Department, Ta’ Kandja l/o Siggiewi.

(c)    All bids’ envelopes must bear only:

(i)    the above address;
(ii)    the reference of the invitation to bid concerned;
(iii)    if applicable, the number of the lot(s) to which the bid refers;
(iv)    the name of the bidder

8.    Deadline of Submission of Bids

Sealed bids are to be deposited in the Quotation Box situated at the Civil Protection Department up to 10.00am (CET) of Friday, 06th March, 2020.

Quotations received after the closing date and time will NOT be considered.

9.    Opening of Bids

The Civil Protection Department will open all bids in public session, soon after the deadline for submission of bids has expired. Any bidders or representatives who are present may be asked to sign a register evidencing their attendance.

10.    Award notification

Prior to the expiration of the period of validity of bids, the Civil Protection Department shall notify the successful bidder, in writing, that his bid has been recommended for award.

Unsuccessful bidders shall be notified with the outcome of the evaluation process, and will be provided the following information:

(i)    The name of the successful bidder;
(ii)    The recommended price of the successful bidder;
(iii)    Notification that the offer was not the highest

11.    Criteria Award

The sole award criterion will be the price. The contract will be awarded to the highest priced tender submitted for each individual lot.

12.    Payment to the Civil Protection Department

The successful contractor/s shall pay to the Accounts Department, Civil Protection Department, Operations Centre, Ta’ Kandja l/o Siggiewi, Siggiewi, the sum he has offered to pay and that shall be accepted by the Director Civil Protection prior to the withdrawal of the scrap.

13.    Removal of Vehicles and other items

The successful contractor shall remove the unused vehicles and items from the compounds of the Civil Protection Department at his own expense within 10 working days from the day of notification in writing by the Civil Protection Department . If it is not removed within the above stipulated time, the contractor shall become liable to a penalty of €5 per day from the date of expiry of such a period to the last day on which the removal shall be completed.

14.    Contractor’s Responsibility

The successful contractor shall be reponsible for any damage that may be caused to the Civil Protection Department’s property during the removal of the unused vehicle and items. He is also to make good of any civil works that he may propose to carry out (at his own cost), and subject to the prior approval of the Civil Protection Department) to facilitate the removal of the scrap vehicle or items.

15. Occupational Health and Safety

The contractor shall assume full responsibility and accountability regarding the health and safety of his/her employees and/or sub-contractors including any third parties involved in the execution of this contract.

The contractor shall be bound to conform with Act XXXVII of 2000 (Occupational Health and Safety, Authority Act 2000), as well as any other national legislation, regulations, standards, and/or codes of practice in effect during the execution of the contract, regarding health and safety issues, as they apply for the contractor’s particular operating situation and nature of work activities.

16. Arbitration

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the Malta Arbitration Centre as at present in force.

17. Labour Law

Particular attention is drawn to the conditions concerning the employment of labour in Malta and the obligation to comply with all regulations, rules or instructions concerning the conditions of employment of any class of employee.

18. Right of Refusal

The Civil Protection Department reserves the right to refuse any offer, even the most advantageous one.

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