Correctional Services Division Published Results
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Correctional Services Division Published Results

Once selection results are issued, notifications appear hereunder on this site. The actual results may be invariably viewed on the notice board of the 'Gate House' of the Correctional Services Division, Valletta Road, Paola.

N.B. Results for posts/positions salary scale 5 or higher will not be published on the notice board but will be sent to the candidates by e-mail at the e-mail address provided by candidates on their application form.


Post / Position ​Date Published
​Senior Correctional Officer ​6th February 2019
​Correctional Supervisor ​1st November 2018
​Project Manager ​26th July 2018
​Correctional Supervisor ​​17th April 2018​

​Senior Correctional Officer

​8th February 2018
​​Care Plan Coordinator ​6th February 2018
​​Psychology Assistant ​​22nd November 2017
​​Correctional Officer ​​7th September 2017
​​Care Plan Coordinator ​​18th July 2017
​​Care Plan Coordinator ​​9th February 2017
​​Assistant Correctional Manager ​​18th November 2016
​​Correctional Officers ​​27th September 2016





Contact Information:

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Correctional Services Division,
Valletta Road Paola, Malta
PLA 1518
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2169 1428
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