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Boards and Committees (Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement)

    Academy for Disciplined Forces Board
    Academic Committee of the Academy for Disciplined Forces
Aviation Security Committee
     The Corradino Correctional Facility Monitoring Board formerly The Board of Visitors of the Prisons
     Civil Protection Council
     Explosives Committee
     Health and Safety Monitoring Board, Maintenance of Good order at Places of Entertainment
     Human Trafficking Monitoring Committee
     Immigration Appeals Board
     Independent Police Complaints Board

     Injuries Board for Disciplined Forces
     Monitoring Board for Detained Persons
     Offender Assessment Board
     Police Licences Appeals Tribunal
     Prison Addiction Rehabilitation Management Board
     Prison Appeals Tribunal
     Prisons (Board of Governance)
Prison Leave Advisory Board
     Private Maritime Security Licensing Board
     Refugee Appeals Board
     The Parole Board
     The Remission Board
     ​​​​Victim-Offender Mediation Committee        
     Weapons Board
​     Board for the Treatment of Sex Offenders
    Local Wardens Disciplinary Board​
Committee of Inquiry – Deprivation of Maltese Citizenship​
     Forum on Integration Affairs​​​​
     ​Grant of Citizenship by Merit for Exceptional Services Board​
     Malta Residence Visa Agency Approvals Board​
     Passport Destruction Board​
     Regulator for the purposes of the Individual Investor Programme​ 

​     ​​​​​

Contact Information:

 Contact Name 
Ministry for Home Affairs, National 
Security ​and Law Enforcement
201, Strait Street
Valletta VLT 1433
2568 9000
  Academy for Disciplined
Forces Board

 Aviation Security Committee
 Corradino Correctional Facility Monitoring Board
c/o ​Corradino Correctional Division

Valletta Road
Paola, PLA 1518​

 Immigration Appeals Board

 Independent Police
Complaints Board
194/2, Merchants’ Street,
Valletta, VLT 1174
 Monitoring Board for Detained Persons
 Refugee Appeals Board
 Victim Offender
Mediation Committee
 Weapons Board