Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate
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Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate

General Note

The Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate has several responsibilities within the Ministry. These include, among other tasks:
     supporting the Minister, Permanent Secretary and the Director General (Strategy and Support) by providing the necessary information, support and advice on the areas that fall within the remit of the Ministry and on developments affecting Malta's position vis-a-vis proposals and adopted acquis at the EU level and on an International level;
     carrying out of decision analysis, forecasting, risk analysis, formulation of policy options, decision making and the necessary work relating to proposals being discussed at EU level; 
     drawing up of briefing notes, instruction notes and explanatory memoranda on matters falling within the Ministry’s remit;
     ensuring that the Ministry’s positions taken within the EU and at an International level are in consonance with the Maltese Government-wide policies;
     responding to requests for policy decisions required by the EU and international institutions in a manner that ensures timely coordinated action;
     reviewing existing legislation falling within the Ministry’s remit so as to ensure that it is clear, understandable and up-to-date, and ensure that the effort is sustained in the long-term;
     monitoring Malta’s compliance with its obligations arising from the EU acquis, and from bilateral and international Conventions, in relation to those matters falling within the remit of the Ministry;
     drafting or assisting in the drafting of national legislation pertaining to the Ministry, including legislative measures intended to transpose EU legislation;
     ensuring that EU legislation is correctly implemented and, if necessary, timely transposed into national legislation so as to avoid any infringement proceedings;
     managing Malta’s participation in the activities of the European Migration Network (EMN), which involves formulation of studies and the organisation of migration-related conferences and events, among other tasks; and
     overseeing the management of EU-funded projects.

Third country nationals Unit

The Third Country Nationals Unit (TCNU), within the Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate, provides support on various areas related to migration and asylum. The TCNU also acts as the National Contact Point for the European Migration Network (EMN). The European Migration Network (EMN) was established by Council Decision 2008/381/EC as an EU co-funded network whose purpose is to provide up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum for the institutions of the EU as well as its Member States, plus Georgia, Moldova, and Norway.

Ad hoc Relocations Unit

The Directorate coordinates the implementation of ad-hoc relocation exercises of asylum applicants from Malta, liaising with the European Commission, the European Union Agency for Asylum, administrations of the participating EU Member States and other international and national organisations.
International Affairs Unit
The International Affairs section supports and assists in the participation of the various meetings of international organisations, particularly the United Nations, its specialised agencies, the Council of Europe, the Commonwealth as well as other international organisations. The necessary preparations and coordination of visits by foreign delegations and personalities connected with international and regional organisations are also carried out by this Directorate. Following such visits, the Directorate follows up and compiles Malta’s replies to any reports; as well as oversees the implementation of any recommendations arising from such visits. The Directorate also acts as a contact point between the lead ministry and all departments, overseeing the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals within the Ministry.
EU Funds Unit
The Directorate is responsible, through its EU Funds Unit, for all matters related to EU funding concerning entities forming part of the Ministry.  It primarily provides advice, support and co-ordination at all stages (from the inception stage, through to implementation and up till the moment of completion) and also alerts line departments about any EU funding opportunities which become available from time to time.  It also monitors, on a regular basis, projects which are ongoing, intervening when necessary and reporting on progress achieved or issues that would need to be addressed.  In the case of projects co-funded through structural funds, the Unit is specifically responsible for authorising payment requests.

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