The Third Country Nationals Unit
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The Third Country Nationals Unit

​The Third Country Nationals Unit, within the Office of the Director General is tasked with acting as a focal point primarily in the areas of asylum and immigration. It acts in liaison with the various Government entities, International and non-Governmental stakeholders. The unit has built an important networking relationship with national bodies and plays an important role in support of various Ministry initiatives and activity in this area that cut across Government. The tasks are various and generally cover local protection, return, illegal /irregular migration, resettlement and statistical issues in a local and European perspective. The main activities involve co-ordination, the compiling of numerous reports and the carrying out of various research tasks connected with the above on the area of Asylum and immigration among others.

It is responsible for the administration and provision of legal aid to asylum seekers at the second instance, and the co-ordination of the National Contact Point of the European Migration Network.

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Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement
201, Strait Street
Valletta VLT 2000
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