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Reference Number: PR200836en, Press Release Issue Date: May 06, 2020
The Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement announces that a limited permit will be granted for fireworks to be set off on the days that the local feast is usually celebrated.
This decision was made after evaluating several aspects of the situation, primarily the security risks posed by storing unused fireworks in firework factories. The process of manufacturing fireworks started months in advance, well before the Church authorities announced the decision that this year religious feasts will not be taking place.
The Police will be issuing permits for fireworks to be set off during these days and times.
• On the eve and on the feast day in the morning and at noon.
• On the eve of the feast during the time known as tranżulazzjoni (around 6pm).
• On the day of the feast, permission will be granted for a one-hour fireworks display in the evening.
• No ground fireworks or shows known as displays will be permitted.
This must be done in accordance to the Legal Notices issued to combat the spread of COVID-19 and no breach of the law will be tolerated.
Furthermore, since firework factories will be setting off less fireworks than they already worked for, the oxidizer quota granted for next year will be limited.
These decisions were taken after consulting with relevant experts on the topic and in agreement with all stakeholders.
The Ministry notifies the public that it reserves the right to change its position according to the circumstances.