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PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR HOME AFFAIRS, NATIONAL SECURITY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT Putting a strong system in place that alleviates the burden of irregular migration on the country

Reference Number: PR200926en, Press Release Issue Date: May 15, 2020
​The government of Malta is determined to manage the situation of irregular migration and asylum in the country in the best way possible. The structures in this sector must be strong enough to be able to control and organise the migration situation.
To this end, through the publication of Legal Notice 194 of 2020, the Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement has established the International Protection Agency. The aim of this agency, which will eventually replace the Office of the Refugee Commissioner, is to examine requests for international protection in accordance with Malta's obligations.
The decision to set up the International Protection Agency was taken to ensure that the country has effective systems in place for processing asylum applications without undue delay. This means that while the country will continue to fulfil its obligations and provide protection to those who need it, it must also ensure that the necessary decisions are taken so that those who are not eligible for asylum will be subject to return to their country of origin.
The Agency will be provided with the required resources to perform its duties, mainly through further investment in human resources and through the provision of new and more adequate offices for its staff. The aim of these changes is to create a better working environment for employees.
The establishment of the International Protection Agency is part of a series of measures being taken in the field of irregular migration. In the face of this global challenge, the government's strategy is for Malta to do its part without placing a disproportionate burden on the country. ​