Dr Byron Camilleri has been actively involved in politics since 2010. He became the youngest mayor of Fgura and following his successful tenure as mayor, he contested the general election for the first time in 2017 and was subsequently elected.

For 3 years, Dr Camilleri served as the Government’s Whip and a member of the Labour Party Administration, representing the Parliamentary Group.

In 2020, he became Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement.

Dr Camilleri was re-elected in the 2022 General election on the fourth electoral district and following his election, Prime Minister Robert Abela re-confirmed him as Minister for Home Affairs, and National Security but with added responsibilities. Among the changes from the previous administration, Byron Camilleri has seen his portfolio grow significantly as he is now also responsible for employment.

Dr Camilleri is a lawyer by profession and was admitted to the bar in 2013.