The Correctional Services Agency is situated at Valletta Road Paola. Apart from this facility there are other locations that are under the agency’s responsibility; Forensic Unit (Mount Carmel Hospital) and Centre of Residential Restorative Services (CoRRS) at Mtaħleb. The latter caters for residents under 21 years of age in 36 cells. It was inaugurated in the year 1999.

Our motto is ‘Suavis Ex Aspero’, meaning firm but gentle.

Our principal goals as an institution are:

  • Maintain order, control, discipline, and a safe environment whilst fulfilling our obligations to implement the Courts decisions.
  • Provide decent conditions for inmates and meet their needs, including health needs
  • Provide positive regimes which help inmates address their offending behaviour
  • Help inmates prepare for re-integration into the community as responsible citizens.

Whilst fulfilling our obligations to implementing the Courts decisions, The Care, Re-integration and Education section within the Agency which employs more than 25 professionals, work with the residents individually with a care plan so that once they are released back into the community, they will be able to lead a life without crime and reduce the chance of recidivism.

The structure of the Correctional Services Agency consists of uniformed correctional officers and civilian staff. Since 2019 The Corradino Correctional Facility has been constituted under the Correctional Services Agency, and is presently managed by Mr Christopher Siegersma as CEO

Residents have regulated access to the church, mosque, open space for recreation and other sports activities.

The building of the prison started in the year 1842 and was designed by English draughtsman Mr. W. Lamb Arrowsmith. The panoptical view was adopted, hence a hall designed on a half-circle basis from which one can see everything that is happening in four divisions just with an eye’s glance. The prison structure was approved by Queen Victoria.

The Correctional Services Agency is regulated as per Chapter 260 of the Prison Act.